Infinity from Marvin Replacement Window's feature:

Ultrex Fiberglass (made of silica-sand)

Durability (8x stronger than Vinyl)

The Strength of Steel 20yrs of Advanced Fiberglass Expertise

Low-Maintenance High-Performance Life Expectancy (38% longer vs. Vinyl)

"Built for Life!" Custom Design Energy Efficient Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Ultrex is a patented material pioneered by Marvin. Ultrex is made with thin strands of strong glass cables, saturated with specially compounded resins, pulled through a heated die, capped with patented acrylic coating, and cut with diamond-edge blades.      

Ultrex has a smooth finish that is resistant to dents and cracks, and stays new over time. 

Tri-Built Windows are the newest addition to our growing product portfolio. We look forward to working with you on choosing the right window for your home. With the growing technology and the efficiency Tri-Built Windows has to offer much more than simple quality products.

Tri-Built Windows testing goes a step beyond with additional testing of the quality of their products:

Structural Integrity

Forced Entry Resistance

Corner Weld Strength

Deglazing Resistance

Water & Air Infiltration

Sealant & Vinyl Impact



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